Brigid 1500 Final-Portrait (002)

Brigid 1500
Celebrating a Woman, a Life, a Legacy

Brigid 1500 (2023/24) was a major programme of events to celebrate and commemorate St. Brigid the woman, the life and the legacy. The main aim of Brigid 1500 was to create a meaningful cultural and societal legacy that appealed to a diverse, contemporary audience. Brigid 1500 engaged communities with the story and heritage of St. Brigid, providing a tangible connection with the past through events and programmes that have an ongoing meaning and relevance.

The programme engaged with the values St. Brigid championed including faith and spirituality, biodiversity and sustainability, arts and culture, social justice, peace, hospitality and education.

The Brigid 1500 programme comprised a series of events and initiatives including festivals, concerts, talks, art commissions, illuminations, pilgrimages, and craft workshops as well as a schools programme to cement St. Brigid’s lasting legacy.

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Above is a video of the Brigid 1500 ecumenical service held in the cathedral on Thursday 1st February 2024. Direct link here: