Friends of Kildare Cathedral is a community group, open to all, to support the work of the Cathedral.

There are a number of benefits and ways in which Friends can support the Cathedral.

Cathedral Congress Group Photo - Gareth Wray

By getting to know it

Saint Brigid's is small enough to enable it to be known in detail by anyone. Yet despite the intimacy of the building there is a wealth of material both historical and archaeological and in monumental sculpture to make it a place of real interest to the pilgrim or the tourist. Read about its 1500 year history.

By working for it

Tell other people of what you have seen and read and try to arouse their interest. If you can, offer your help in the task of caring for the Cathedral's treasures, helping to beautify and adorn it with new gifts, or especially by giving occasional help in the running of the gift shop which is a vital piece of financial support.

By praying for it

We ask you to pray regularly for the cathedral and for the Christians of many traditions who worship in it or visit it. Our outreach is to all - and all are welcome within its walls. From whatever your own religious tradition you will be welcome among the Friends of the Cathedral.

By your interest in it

Enthusiastic interest is the human key to accomplishment. God will bless your zeal and we shall value it. We shall send you an annual newsletter of events and an invitation to attend the annual Friends' service held on the Sunday nearest to 22 September, the day the cathedral was re-opened with pomp & splendour in 1896.

Why your help is essential

To maintain this building, which can seat up to 700 people, is a severe burden on the Church of Ireland parishioners in the town. Historically there is a gap between income and outgoings, so we must seek to enrol sufficient support to cover the deficit. You are welcome to join or refer a friend!

How to join Friends of Kildare Cathedral

1. Simply fill in the Banker's Order attached and return it, please, to The Hon. Treasurer, The Friends of Saint Brigid's Cathedral, c/o St Brigid’s Cathedral, Market Square, Kildare R51 HY65. Having noted your name and contribution the Hon. Treasurer will pass the Order to your Bank.


2. Fill in the application form for membership and, with your invitation to the Friends' annual service, we will send you a subscription reminder. If possible, though, we would ask you to use the Banker's Order. All our officials are voluntary and the first method of payment makes things easier for them as well as for you.

To request a Friends application form, please email